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In the past few years, we’ve pivoted from being the go to lead generation and funnel building agency for financial experts to teaching our strategies to those who are ready to do it themselves.

When I worked in fintech, I saw few to none women of color in the industry. And all the marketing dollars (thousands in publicity spending and VC funding) wasn’t available to WOC in finance, just those I saw have connections on Wall Street or coming out of ivies.

That’s why we show you how to scale with Sales Systems to create a rinse and repeat sales machine. Create independent leads

Our mission is to help women of color who are at the top of the financial industry aka making sales on repeat.

about us

Because your identity as a WOC in finance is more credible than anyone on Wall Street. Clean and uncomplicated sales. Rinse and repeat.

The Finance Client Acquisition Podcast

The Finance Client Acquisition Podcast helps Women Of Color money coaches, bookkeepers, and accountants book out and hit 5-figure months, 6-figure months, and build 7-figure empires by mastering lead gen and sales calls to create repeatable (and simple) sales systems.

Join me every week as I explore the wins of financial industry leaders and the simple sales strategies you can use to expand your reach, change the status quo, and make real MONEY. 


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